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WJFF 90.5FM Hydro-Powered Radio Station - Jeffersonville, NY

Sonja Hedlund, host of locally-produced "Ballads & Banjos" chats on the air – Jason Dole

WJFF is a non-commercial community radio station in Jeffersonville, NY which has been broadcasting since 1990, providing a set of radio programming which had previously been inaccessible in the area. It is powered by 3 paid staff, nearly 100 active volunteers and a hydroelectric generator attached to a nearby dam. The station brings a mix of locally and nationally produced programs to the airwaves including NPR favorites such as "Fresh Air" and "All Things Considered" and locally-produced "Radio Chatskill" and "Ballads & Banjos" to name a few. The station is situated on the edge of Lake Jefferson, which feeds the Callicoon Creek and connects to the Delaware River in Callicoon. A hydroelectric power plant is connected to the dam on the lake and powers WJFF's broadcast studio, giving WJFF the distinction of being North America's only hydro-powered radio station.

WJFF's broadcast can be accessed by FM radio tuned to 90.5 or 94.5. It may also be streamed live at


WJFF is Sullivan County's only source for public radio programming from NPR, PRI, APM and Pacifica. The station is supported by three paid staff, one hundred active volunteers and nearly 1,200 donating members. In 2015 the station was awarded an innovation grant for its Kingfisher Project program, which highlights the growing narcotics epidemic facing the broadcast area.

How to Support

WJFF is supported primarily by listener donations. Online donations can be made securely at the station's homepage:

The station is also supported by a dedicated team of volunteers, who work on-air and behind the scenes. Information on volunteering is also available at the station's homepage, or by calling 845-482-4141.

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