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The Nature Conservancy’s Thomas Darling Preserve - Monroe County, PA

Conservation Area
Fall splendor at The Nature Conservancy's Thomas Darling Preserve – George C. Gress

Emerging from underground springs and seeps, Two-Mile Run feeds into Tobyhanna Creek, and eventually feeds the Lehigh River. Along the way, it traverses the 2,500-acre Thomas Darling Preserve at Two-Mile Run, a place where visitors can witness an extensive mosaic of glacial wetlands.

Named for Wilkes-Barre naturalist Thomas Darling, Jr., the preserve attracts interest in every season. In spring, large sweet viburnum shrubs decorate the preserve with white, flat-topped flowers releasing a musty odor that earns them the nickname of “sheepberry.” During the summer, sheep laurel and bog laurel thrive in the preserve’s acidic soils. Fall reveals blueberries and a vivid palette of wildflowers. Year-round, spongy sphagnum moss blankets an array of swamps, fens, bogs and wet meadows encircled by stands of balsam fir, tamarack and one of Pennsylvania’s largest native spruce forests. The area also teems with wildlife typical of the Pocono Plateau, including black bears, river otters, and snowshoe hares, and hosts state rare plant species including bog sedge and creeping snowberry.

Accessibility Notes

Parking lot and trail access for the preserve is located on Burger Road off of State Route 115 North West of the SR 115 / SR 940 intersection (Blakeslee, PA).

Recreational Opportunities

The preserve is open to the public for hiking, bird and wildlife watching.

A number of guided walks and volunteering opportunities are held throughout the year.

Seasons Accessible

Year round.


Registration and donations are appreciated for guided programs

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