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The Garden State Heirloom Seed Society - Columbia, NJ

G.S.H.S.S. – Russ Ciffo

The Garden State Heirloom Seed Society is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to our mission of preserving heirloom seed varieties and celebrating New Jersey's storied farming past.

The Garden State Heirloom Seed Society (GSHSS) Museum, housed in an early to late 1800's farm house, is an interactive and informative stroll through our state's very important role in American agriculture. Our various and different themed rooms will welcome you to experience what we like to call... "History You Can Eat!" The amazing realization lies in the fact that every article the curator has collected is pre to early 1900's! An era we now call "bygone." Check it out...The here's a preview.

"The Seed Room" houses many seed packets, catalogs, trading cards, pictures and displays, all in which showcase the beautiful marketing and advertising of the day.

"The Dairy Room" will find you experiencing the various ways farms and creameries packaged their goods. Butter, eggs and sour cream amongst the many offerings. The real show, however, involves the extensive milk bottle and milk cap collection. You'll be hard pressed to find a greater lot in the state... or the country, for that matter. Back in "the day," almost every town had a local farm or creamery, and we proudly represent quite a few.

"The Tool Room" educates you to the fact of how far we've come in agricultural methods. Here you'll find crude tools in which paved the way forward to today's modern powerhouse farming machines. Our stuff is old timey manual labor aides. Cutting edge for the time. Seed sowers, hand scythes, potato and corn planters, crop dusters and a slew of old potato bags.

The surrounding property boasts some neat manual wooden machines, including our 1880's fanning mill and our 1930's potato/onion grader.

Bring your kids and bring your dogs. We're located on a beautiful park-like space owned by New Jersey's Fish & Game Commision. Run around, have fun and check us out.

Eco-Friendly Notes

We are totally organic. No chemicals allowed on our fields. No chemicals used on our landscaping.

Pet Friendly Notes

Feel free to bring your dog/s to our park-like space. We are located on New Jersey's own Fish & Game Preserved land. It's beautiful and spacious for running and pooch playing. However, we just ask that you have a leash for when you join us inside the museum.


1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Seasons Open

First weekend of the month, April through October.



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