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The Frisky Goat Coffeehouse - Milford, PA

Cafe, Deli, Coffee House, or Bakery
Jeanna Contino

The Frisky Goat Coffeehouse opened its doors in October of 2014, and has been an unstoppable force ever since. The story goes as such: Once there was a goat-herder named Kaldi. When his goats didn't return home one night, Kaldi was concerned and went to find them. Lo and behold, there were his goats, by a bush of red berries, dancing around and acting frisky. Kaldi too ate the berries, and danced with the goats. Then, the local monastery stumbled upon them on his way to prayer. As he was exhausted and saw the goats and Kaldi dancing, he tested boiling and parching these berries. This determined that goats discovered coffee, and how The Frisky Goat's name came to be.

Although fairly new to historic Milford, this establishment has been welcomed by the diverse people of the town. Whether it be students, local musicians, or long time residents, The Frisky Goat is a place where all are encouraged to be themselves. There is a strong sense of community that is felt as soon as you enter the door, and that is because of the relaxed, homey, environment. The coffeehouse is also a sanctuary for community events such as Milford Open Mic, Circle Jam, and athletic events such as the Frisky Goat 5K Winter Series. The Frisky Goat also helps bring awareness to places such as Safe Haven, the local food bank, community theater, and more. Overall, The Frisky Goat Coffeehouse is a great place with wonderful people that bring the whole community together.

Locally or Family-Owned Business Notes

Owned by Milford resident Rebecca Henderson.


Monday: 7-3, Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: 7-7, Friday: 7-5, Sunday: 8-5

Seasons Open


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