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Soldiers and Sailors Monument - Easton, PA

Historic Site or District
Soldiers and Sailors Monument

Located in the “Circle” in Downtown Easton where Third Street and Northampton Street intersect the Soldiers and Sailors Monument stands. The 'Circle" is locally known as the traffic hub and center of civic activity is an open plot containing the monument. This granite monument stands at 75 feet high and has many various components which make up the monument as a whole. The memorial recognizes Easton area veterans killed during the American Civil War. Center Square was originally known as the “Great Square,” it was designed by William Parsons, who laid out Easton's streets, first surveyed in 1750, and made reality in 1752.

The monument was unveiled on May 10, 1900. The bugler statue on the top of the memorial is reputedly sculpted after drummer Francis Reed, Company H, 96th Pennsylvania Regiment. At the base a fountain surrounds the monument that was added decades later. Since 1951, annually the monument is transformed in Easton's Peace Candle, and a city celebration of the holiday season is held the day after Thanksgiving. The monument traditionally remains a celebration of peace until shortly after New Year's Day. The Peace Candle, a candle-like structure, is assembled and disassembled every year atop the Civil War monument for the Christmas season, making it the highest and longest peace candle in the world.

The county-owned Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Easton honors the four major branches of the Union Army during the Civil War – the infantry, artillery, cavalry, and Union navy. Facing the monument on all four sides are small plaques remembering other key events in Easton’s history, including the French & Indian War peace treaties. There is also a small modern memorial to local firefighters and service providers. There is also specially designed plaque by Joseph LaDuca and Virginia Abbott which was unveiled in the circle in May 2000 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. Although the monument was dedicated on May 10, 1900, it was actually installed county of Northampton in 1888 at a cost of $16,000.

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