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Small Town Magic

Riverfest in Narrowsburg, New York – Herb Clark

This region is blessed with friendly towns and villages, full of character, and characters... Read what the locals have to say about their towns, and discover some of the places and experiences that make this region special.

“I grew up in this area and my career interests took me out of the area for more than ten years but this region was always ‘home’ to me. There is something here that is captivating. The landscape and natural beauty of the area have a draw that always brings me back, and so do the people. I decided to bring my career back here and invest heavily into the region because it truly is one of the last great places on the eastern seaboard and the potential for smart growth is everywhere here. Our historic buildings in beautiful natural settings embody my business values of preservation and conservation."

~Justin Genzlinger, Owner, Ledges Hotel, Hawley, PA

“I live in Paradise. I fall asleep listening to the river. I wake up listening to the river. In between, year round, I watch – either from my front porch or upstairs desk - eagles fishing for breakfast or dinner. Once again this Spring, the cycles of nature and my community are coming to life: mourning doves and swallows think my window sills make good nests; flowering dogwoods signal the annual shad run; and a playful fox family is oblivious to my wading Newfoundland dog.

Likewise, the auto body shop guy drives by about 20 times a day, looking for coffee and a smoke - away from the fumes. If he sees me, he waves every one of the 20 times. If he doesn’t wave, I know he’s responding to a fire call or a river rescue. Others seem to be answering other silent calls, to a collective vibe that manifests as quirky community expressions: the annual Trout Parade, Tractor Parade and the second-oldest Memorial Day Parade in New York State. They’re abuzz planning the Bee Festival, Bagel Festival and a corned beef fundraiser for a boy with cancer.

So many occasions here keep us well connected, at elemental levels. There’s no need to wait for the afterlife to feel rewarded.”

~Debra Conway, Executive Director, The Delaware Company

“The natural beauty and sweeping landscapes, along with a great quality of life, make this tranquil and bucolic region appealing and a great place to live, work and play. The region offers natural mountain beauty and some of the most scenic lands of northwestern New Jersey.

And nestled in these beautiful surroundings are quaint hometowns filled with casual and gourmet restaurants, boutiques, antique shops, a professional baseball team, and endless trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding. Visitors are attracted to the Wilds for the nostalgic feeling of a small town, lost in many other regions. The small town magic is real here with walkable main streets lined with small businesses, eclectic shops, and great, homemade food in cafes and restaurants where you’ll feel right at home."

~Tammie Horsfield, President, Sussex County Chamber of Commerce