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Nurture Nature Center - Easton, PA

Educational Opportunity
Nurture Nature Center's acclaimed exhibit, Science on a Sphere. – The Nature Center

Nurture Nature Center, located in Easton, Pennsylvania, is a dynamic center for community learning about local environmental risks. NNC is housed in a beautifully renovated, historic, 30,000 sq. foot facility, where the staff uses a blend of science, art and dialogue programs to get the community talking and thinking critically about the local environment.

NNC’s visitor center includes a variety of art and other educational exhibits, including the Science on a Sphere exhibit developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This famed exhibit, which has been installed at 100 science centers and museums around the world, features breath-taking visualizations of earth and space science and is a centerpiece of NNC’s visitor area. NNC uses these art and science exhibits, as well as other forum programs and educational events, to invite local residents and decision-makers into an ongoing dialogue about building community resiliency through environmentally-sound decision-making. NNC’s facility is also used for a variety of community activities, and is available for rental for special events.

Accessibility Notes

ADA accessible

Appropriate Ages

All ages welcome

Dates and Times

To attend one of NNC's numerous programs or workshops, please see our calendar of events at

How to Participate

NNC hosts a variety of different types of programs – including science presentations, film screenings, community discussions and art shows – about timely and important environmental issues of interest to the community.

To attend one of NNC's numerous programs or workshops, please see our calendar of events at

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