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Breathing Room Center - Blairstown, NJ

Holistic Health
Janice Hedden

Breathing Room Center is a unique serene space, offering a variety of healing practices for your health and well-being, such as yoga, meditation, energy healing ~ even hula-hooping! Located in the heart of downtown Blairstown, this charming center has something special to offer to each individual who steps through the door & fosters a warm and friendly community of practitioners and students of various persuasions, ages and levels of ability.

Founded by experienced & certified yoga instructor Cheryl Paulson in 2009, Breathing Room Center provides a space where anyone can come to move, learn, grow and feel peaceful and supported. Having taught at many yoga “studios” in the past, Cheryl wanted to create a space that was less glossy and more community-oriented. It’s not about designer outfits and expensive yoga gear. It’s about kicking off your muck boots and coming as you are…exactly as you are. Coming home to yourSELF and in the community of others. Whether you’re a skilled athlete, or haven’t tried to touch your toes in quite some time, you will find what you need — and who you need here.

Over the years, Breathing Room has been home to many diverse kinds of practices and arts, including hooping, drumming, meditative movement, Pilates, hands-on-healing, and much more! We offer informative workshops and training/certification programs, all at the most reasonable prices and all under one roof. It’s not one kind of a place, but a one-of a kind place where you can Inhale Peace, Exhale Tension!

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