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Bear's Den Alpacas - Blairstown, NJ

Mary Pugliese-Cobb

Bear's Den Alpacas is a family-owned alpaca farm in beautiful Blairstown, Warren County, NJ. From the four alpacas Mary And Glenn Cobb purchased in 2010, their herd has grown to 30+. Our alpacas are bred to improve their fiber characteristics. The alpacas are shorn once a year, and the harvest enters the market in several ways. Some fiber is sent to be milled into our own Bear's Den Alpacas yarn. The majority of fiber is sent out to two alpaca fiber co-ops, where it is made into products we can buy back and sell in the intimate farm store inside our home. Our shop carries a variety of cold-weather wear - hats, gloves, scarves, etc., but also carries items that can be used year-round.

Accessibility Notes

Bear's Den Alpacas is easy to reach, just five miles off of exit 12 on Route 80.

Activities at this Site

Our farm is open for farm tours, where guests can see alpacas up close, take photos, and learn about these fascinating camelids. At various times of year, the farm holds special events, such as shearing day, National Alpaca Farm Days, harvest and winter holidays. A variety of added activities can be enjoyed, such as feeding grain to alpacas, creating an item with fiber, and walking an alpaca. Our farm shop is available for visitors to see and feel the amazing products that can be made from alpaca fiber.

Eco-Friendly Notes

Alpacas are considered "green livestock." Due to their two-toed padded feet, they do not tear up pastures as they graze. Alpacas nibble on grass instead of pulling it out by the roots. As modified ruminants with a three-part stomach, they are very efficient eaters, consuming less and producing rich manure. And of course, the fiber they produce is made into amazingly soft and warm products.


10am - 4pm, Saturdays and Sundays. Other days by appointment only.